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Annual General Meeting - 17th May

Compulsory for all Members

The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the Scammell Reserve Rooms from 7:30pm on Friday 17th of May.

This is the ONLY compulsory meeting for our Club Members and we would be grateful for your attendance. Club Members are 15 years or older. Younger Junior players are associate Members and are not required but parents interested in assisting on Committee are more than welcome.

Yes, this is where the jobs for the coming Season are allotted, but ths is a necessary part of a Club’s growth cycle. The more people who turn up to this meeting, the more who will be on the same page when we resume next Season. (Not necessarily with a job, though)

From a diferent angle…If you ARE looking at a career in Sports Administration, here is where you’ll get that opportunity.

An agenda will be posted shortly , so if you have a matter for General Business, please forward it to the secretary’s address, below.

Mark (Thorny) Thornhill

Club Secretary

If you are unable to attend, please make it official and send your apology

In particular, this upcoming Season has 2 very important positions that have become vacant:-


Junior President (who is also vice president of the club)


Junior Co-ordinator - Liaison with Coaches, Team Managers & ISEC/AGCC


Without these roles filled we can’t really run a junior cricket program.



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